Chair League Madness!



I played my first Chair League match the other night and it was amazing! CLM needed an extra player so I gladly queued up 15 minutes prior to the match. I had never played with the whole team so I was a bit intimidated at first but settled in for the draft and mentally prepared myself! Well played all around, ETA was scary and I learned a whole lot about how to play Heroes of The Storm within the structure of a team.

Here is my favorite part of the match, after losing a 3-2, we dove back in knowing we had the damage output to even things up:

Check the full recap of the stream over on Twitch, scrub to 1:23 for the start of our game or back to 1:15 for the draft.

It’s truly incredible how Chair League has created an avenue for amateurs and pros to come together and grow the game. I love HoTS and mostly play by myself, but the fantastic community around CL is too much fun to not be involved! A huge shout out to all of those who make Chair League what it is: Friendly, fun, fierce and entertaining!

I played Sylvanas, a hero that I feel comfortable with but I noticed I played so safe early game that I missed some key shut downs on enemy structures to help push lanes. I’m proud that I held my own but there is always room for improvement! Ready to hit the Nexus again with the Chair League in the near future!

I would like to ¬†add a special note of gratitude to the both casters for their fantastic commentary. It’s amazing how much I learned from watching the replay and hearing their perspective! Check out OneMegaManFan here!